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       A&R Environmental, LLC provides a full range of radon services at competitive rates:

FREE QUOTES AND CONSULTATIONS                                          Whether on the phone or in person, you will always be speaking to a certified technician.  Many times we can give you a quote right over the phone.  A&R Environmental, LLC has installed thousands of radon systems and can help you with even your most challenging radon issues. 

MITIGATION                                                                                                       We Provide Radon mitigation services for both air and water.  Our technicians pride themselves on their efficiency and quality.  A system installed by A&R Environmental, LLC will provide you with many years of effective service.  All systems come with manufacturers warranties and we service and repair all of our equipment.

TESTING                                                                                                              Our technicians are certified to test for radon in both the air and water.  This means that you will have an accurate and reliable test whether it is for your home or a real estate transaction.  For air testing, we use either Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM) or Charcoal Liquidscintillation device tests.  

DIAGNOSTICS                                                                                                   A&R Environmental, LLC is one of the only radon testing and mitigation companies that can diagnose radon sources.  We use sophisticated diagnostic equipment which allows us to pinpoint the source and mitigate with the highest probablility of success.  This equipment allows us to get your radon levels to the lowest possible levels for your situation.

SERVICE AND REPAIRS                                                                                     We service all makes and models of radon systems in addition to ones we have installed.  Our water systems are put on regular maintenance schedules and you will be contacted by our office to schedule an appointment.  If, at any time, there is a problem with your system, we are only a phone call away.          

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