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A&R Environmental, LLC has been in the radon mitigation business since 1995.  Our service/installation area covers all of Connecticut and areas of Massachusetts.  In the years that we have been installing radon systems, we have gained much valuable experience.  Professional experience should always be considered when hiring a company to make alterations to your dwelling.  We guarantee that any system we install will bring your radon level averages below the State of Connecticut guidelines.   We pride ourselves with not just reducing radon levels to a point below the action level, but reducing them as low as possible the lower the radon levels are, the lower the cancer risk.   We also believe that the beauty of your home should not be sacrificed for the sake of its safety; therefore, A&R Environmental, LLC will work harder to make your radon system as discreet and attractive as possible. 

NEHA CERTIFIED                                                                                                 All technicians at A&R Environmental, LLC are certified with the National  Environmental Health Association  in testing protocols as well as the latest mitigation techniques.   Each technician is required to perform continuing education studies in order to remain certified and employed. 

AARST MEMBERS                                                                                                 All certified technicians of A&R Environmental, LLC are members of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists 

HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR                                                             A&R Environmental, LLC holds a valid Connecticut Home Improvement license with the CT Department of Consumer Protection and are insured for all work performed. 

ANSI PROTOCOLS                                                                                              A&R Environmental strictly adheres to ANSI E2121 protocols which provide a standard of quality and safety when performing tests and installing radon reduction equipment. These guidelines have been established for the protection of the customer and the technician.

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